Who hides behind the Atelier St. Loup?

The Brand

St Loup project is a natural evolution of Isabelle Pierrès's creative work.

As a fashion designer living in Nantes, she started creating leather accessories all by herself. Starting with just a few friends, the circle of interest turned to a growing number of customers and followers delighted by the craftsmanship, and glad to get their articles "à la carte". 

Orders began to pile up; it was time to start an official business. Isabelle then teamed up with Michel Le Page, graphic designer and everyday companion, and Jean-Philippe Marie de Chastenay, digital entrepreneur.

Together they shared the idea of a creative project, mixing modern sensibility and traditional savoir-faire, high standard craftsmanship with a contemporary vision, and gave birth to the brand and concept of Atelier St Loup.


The Workshop :
Atelier St.Loup associates traditional techniques with a modern approach.

Contemporary and easy to use designs, a modern colors palette, a strong graphical branding are linked to a platform and social medias’ way to communicate. In the mean time, each article results from our high quality standards (leather choice, hand-cutting, hand controlled machine). The sewing is machine made, operated by our qualified workers who are doing the finishes, caring and loving the product before delivery!

We propose a large collection, which includes unique pieces and very limited series. We also offer an on-demand service, and cater for requests for bespoke items. Our fast rotating leather stocks allows us to provide an ever-renewing series and exclusive range of products for our customers. By using renowned fashion brand leather end-stocks, we proudly take part in a high end recycling process. Atelier St Loup stands for local and human-scale production (all our products are made in France, in our workshop based in Nantes, in Loire Atlantique). Using only specially selected French & European materials our desire is to create high quality articles, and our goal is to be a creative, clean and sustainable company.

The range of models and skins are constantly renewed identity and the concept of St Loup brand, allowing us to offer small and medium-exclusive series, offering our resellers and customers the luxury of scarcity, against the current general uniformity of the products usually available ... Rather than offering a off-shelf catalog, we tailor our offering to each of shops we work with.

Always listen to their desires, we are committed to offering a selection of “à la carte” creations, designed especially for accordance with the spirit of the point of sales. Our bespoked products for professionals cater to all those who put us as the leading quality and love of beauty product. Our mode of operation based entirely on the work of the team in this workshop allows great flexibility, a direct link between design and production, and speed of execution from prototyping to production. Our quality standards and daily dedication to maintain accessible prices makes our creative and competitive even on high-end items and personalized approach such as institutional gifts, accessories for restaurants and hotels, museums and cultural centers, events & occasional events...